#PaoliniOnTour – Christopher Paolini In Australia!

For the past week, Christopher Paolini has been on tour in Australia! He spent last weekend at the Supernova Convention in Sydney and will spend this weekend at the Supernova event in Perth.

Check out some fantastic photos Christopher has posted, featuring his adventures at Supernova and around Australia:

Christopher Paolini Inheritance Cycle Supernova Sydney

The Supernova Sydney crowd, in costume!

Christopher Paolini Inheritance Cycle Supernova Sydney

Guess who wants to write for Doctor Who someday?

Christopher Paolini Inheritance Cycle Supernova Sydney

He’s just as geeky as us! We love it!

Christopher Paolini Inheritance Cycle Australia Tour

And the kangaroo is cute, too!

Christopher isn’t just signing books at his designated stops! Follow his Twitter account to be the first to know just where he’s signed copies of Inheritance straight off the shelves and left them for lucky fans to find! The last announcement came last night:

Signed nine books in the Perth airport today. Find them if you can! #sneakyauthorissneaky #PaoliniOnTour

According to his tour schedule, Christopher will continue on to New Zealand, where he will tour until July 1st!

Pre-Inheritance Cycle Fan Graphics

The main characters from The Inheritance Cycle get lots of attention, but you don’t see many other characters depicted in fan art. That’s why we love these graphics by Back Forth and In Between, showcasing the older generation in the series as young adults!

Eragon Brom Max Irons Inheritance Cycle

Isaac Hampstead Wright and Max Irons as Young Brom, depicted in the film by Jeremy Irons

Claire Foy Selena Inheritance Cycle

Claire Foy as Young Selena, aka “The Black Hand”

It was that woman of his who inspired most terror in people. Utterly ruthless, devoid of either pity or compassion… she was always somewhat of an enigma.

Jack Gleeson, Iwan Rheon, and Liam Neeson as Galbatorix Inheritance Cycle

Jack Gleeson, Iwan Rheon, and Liam Neeson as Galbatorix

Then as power rushed through his veins, he anointed himself king over all Alagaesia. And from that day, he has ruled us.

Murtagh and Thorn Fan Art

Here is Murtagh, son of Morzan and Selena, and half-brother of Eragon, with his red dragon named Thorn.

Artist: Crybaby-1990

Christopher Paolini at Spain Book Day!

In case you missed it, Inheritance Cycle author Christopher Paolini is currently on an international book tour! Yesterday, he stopped in Barcelona for Spain Book Day, the biggest celebration of books taking place in the respective nation!

Check out this picture posted on Twitter by @Irene_pl92

Christopher Paolini Spain Book Day

Here’s what Christopher had to say about the event on Twitter:

Had an awesome Book Day here in Barcelona. Got to meet lots of readers, as well as author John Verdon, who was very nice. #PaoliniOnTour

Paolini will be holding events in Madrid for the next two days before heading to France, Italy, and the Czech Republic over the course of the next month!

well…I drew Saphira!


Gorgeous Inheritance fanart

By Шелдон on zerochan!

Inheritance Cycle Inspired Nails

All the dragons of the cycle!