Pre-Inheritance Cycle Fan Graphics

The main characters from The Inheritance Cycle get lots of attention, but you don’t see many other characters depicted in fan art. That’s why we love these graphics by Back Forth and In Between, showcasing the older generation in the series as young adults!

Eragon Brom Max Irons Inheritance Cycle

Isaac Hampstead Wright and Max Irons as Young Brom, depicted in the film by Jeremy Irons

Claire Foy Selena Inheritance Cycle

Claire Foy as Young Selena, aka “The Black Hand”

It was that woman of his who inspired most terror in people. Utterly ruthless, devoid of either pity or compassion… she was always somewhat of an enigma.

Jack Gleeson, Iwan Rheon, and Liam Neeson as Galbatorix Inheritance Cycle

Jack Gleeson, Iwan Rheon, and Liam Neeson as Galbatorix

Then as power rushed through his veins, he anointed himself king over all Alagaesia. And from that day, he has ruled us.

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Fan Art: Brom and Saphira

I went onto the Alagaesia site to see which character from the series I was most like? Apparently, I’m most like Brom, which I find to be an honor. I do like to think I have a keen ability to think on my feet and am resourceful, although I would never label myself as “wise” by any means. But hey, who am I to argue with the powers that be, right?

So, I set out to find an inspiring piece of artwork of Brom that’s worthy of my wisdom. (Yeah, I know, pushing it now!) And I believe I was successful in my endeavor. This image is courtesy of hibbary at DeviantART. She admitted to not reading the novels, which she explains in her description, hence the feathered wings, but still, her interpretation of Brom and Saphira is decidedly beautiful despite that.